Museum and Heritage Center Receives Special Gift

Vera Matson Upper Elementary Students

Thank you to Vera Matson Upper Elementary Students, Teachers, and Families!

Teachers learned that the museum needed to raise $90,000 to purchase their current building in Newaygo, by April 30, and wanted to help.  Students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade were excited to help the museum by bringing in their spare change and raised $232.89 in two weeks! 

Posters were created by the various grades to raise awareness for the coin drive and were posted around the school building.  Each morning students would come in with coins for the coin drive and a smile on their faces.  They enjoyed knowing that their spare change was helping something so important in their community. 

In the fall, third graders walked to the museum for a field trip to learn about Native Americans and also participate in a trading activity. This has been the third year for third graders at Newaygo to go on this field trip.  The Museum does not charge a fee for students to attend and children enjoy seeing the artifacts inside the building, as well as hearing from the guest presenters and participating in the activities.  

The teachers would like to thank Shirley Wessell for helping with the coin drive.  

The Gerber Foundation provides transportation for all Newaygo County Schools (who are too far away to walk) for the elementary field trips to the Museum and Heritage Center.